Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome to Corecraft, a survival server with friendly staff and owner. There is no greifing allowed, and pvp is on. The IP changes from time to time, so come here often to see if there are any changes.
     Ranks from lowest to highest are:  

Do not beg for a rank up, it will not be given and you have a chance at being kicked or banned
you must meet certain requirements to be ranked up and admins and owners will keep watch for people who meet those demands and will rank those people up.

ANY griefing at all will result in a permaban, if someone griefs you, don't grief them back, it will also result in permaban. Instead tell the highest rank online of the grief and they will take action upon it. The server does have rollback options if needed, and also logs every block placed and broken.

     Happy Mining!